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“Our network is our net worth.” - #SYMGAP21

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“Our network is our net worth.” - #SYMGAP21

The inspiring, collaborative and supportive atmosphere is always a highlight of the Speak Your Mind Global Annual Planning meeting. This year was no exception, as campaigners from around the world reunited for three days of cross-country action and strategizing on mental health. 


Going fully virtual for the first time ever, the meeting was the perfect opportunity to take stock and reflect on what has truly been an exceptional year. Campaigners shared their learnings from 2020, drew out key lessons and insights for the months ahead, and discussed potential moments of global collaboration in 2021.

Sessions covered a range of topics, from corporate partnerships to advocacy on youth and disability rights, with partners opting in to learn more about their areas of interest. Highlights included a special welcome from Devora Kestel (Director of Mental Health at the WHO), brainstorming breakout sessions for 2021 collaboration, and a lesson in traditional Indonesian dancing.


By sharing best practices and joining capacity building workshops, campaigners were also able to connect with and learn from one another, demonstrating the power of global collaboration to make real change. As Joshua from our Sierra Leone team said:


"Our network is our net worth."


While it was a challenge to not be able to come together in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sense of solidarity and across countries remained unchanged. As Anam, a SYM partner from India, said:


"That kind of in person energy is almost impossible to replicate...but it's been amazing to see how everybody's energies have been so great over the last 3 days."


A huge thank you everyone who attended and participated in this year’s meeting, and we look forward to seeing how much we can achieve in 2021.