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Speak Your Mind coalition - Pusat Rehabilitasi YAKKUM (Yakkum Rehabilitation Center), CBM, Wellbeing Shelter


Fun Facts

  • Due to the variations of culture and language and the fact that the coalition organisations are geographically spread out, the team are adaptable and able to cater for the different needs of people across Indonesia

  • The team speak different traditional and local languages, which is fun during meetings as some words can mean totally different things in Aceh and Java! 


Campaign Summary

Campaigners aim to create a more socially inclusive society, focusing on increasing mental health awareness, especially among youth. They are working with people with lived experience, media organisations and influencers to spread campaign messages and building a team of advocates from rural to national, which started in Aceh and Yogyakarta to Jarkarta. They seek to improve the availability of mental health data and strengthen alternative mental health systems to achieve mental health for all Indonesians. 

COVID-19 response

During COVID-19, almost all offline activities have been postponed or cancelled and lots of the team’s activities are now online. For example, the team discuss different topics relating to mental health and COVID-19 on social media, offer psychosocial support online and refer people in need of support to psychologists through phone consultation. In Yogyakarta, YAKKUM Rehabilitation Center has collaborated with students from Atma Jaya University on a digital campaign in the form of an Instagram game. It has attracted many young participants, as it allows them to discuss their feelings in a fun and creative way.

For those affected by the pandemic, YAKKUM are providing temporary food support. YAKKUM also campaigns for the provision of psychosocial support for medical staff at hospitals and are collecting messages of support from the public through social media and putting them on coffee bottles, to keep them feeling supported and motivated. 

For CBM Indonesia Country Office, the most essential role is to ensure that the team are updated with the cluster works and ensure that the voice from people with lived experience are heard, given that inter-ministry collaborations do not come naturally. In addition, CBM provides technical support for the advocacy for mental and residential institution support during the pandemic. This is led by a national-based DPO for psychosocial disabilities. 


Asks for the Indonesian Government

  • Have basic hygiene and sanitation protocols in local MH institutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Make sure the recently launched online counselling services are accessible on a local level

  • Adjust the national health insurance referral system to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection (antipsychotic medicines still have to be taken at health facilities in order to be covered by insurance) 

  • Integrate psychosocial and mental health awareness in all relevant government policies 

  • Strengthen mental health sensitive health services - which includes the medicine referral system, telemedicine and online counselling 

  • Make sure Primary Health Providers and community mental health volunteers are reliable in mental health service provisions during COVID-19