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Marking World Mental Health Day 2021

Speak Your Mind partners came together for World Mental Health Day, speaking out against stigma and calling for tangible action on mental health around the world. 


Speak Your Mind is a global citizen-led partnership with one collective purpose: progress for mental health in every nation. It unites national and international campaigning groups, individuals and influencers in campaign actions that will demand progress for mental health around the world. 

Its activities are focused on seeking greater investment in mental health support, empowerment through more inclusive, accessible and humane public mental health systems, and education through national mental health public campaigns.


For too long, mental health has been absent from where the conversations that shape people’s lives occur.

For too long, the reluctance to address global mental health has stopped so many people from realizing their dreams and achieving their full potential. 

For too long, our governments have failed to hear the voices of people suffering needlessly because they are denied the support they need to manage their conditions - and thrive.

For too long, people with mental health conditions have been silenced. 

No more.


Last World Mental Health Day (WMHD) we encouraged people to #MoveForMentalHealth, demonstrating the unified global demand for greater investment from governments, businesses, and funders. Through launching the first ever 24 hour virtual March for Mental Health, alongside our global anthem, “Move Together” and the #MoveforMentalHealth challenge, we made sure the message was heard loud and clear. The world must invest in mental health.